2015 girls dress autumn dress with exquisite attention to the "Spring cover autumn cold", where "cold" refers to a frozen freeze should be appropriate to "somewhat cool and not feel cold," as the standard, but also warm, but cold,It helps enhance the body's resistance. In the case of physical fitness can afford, not a cold put his bag tightly, as if winter did not know it would also give the body wrapped in several layers. Now introduce coat collocation method.
     Summer clothes, of course, how cool how to wear fall clothes, but not how warm and how to wear. Unlike autumn winter, the cold without a hint of warm, so proper cool a cool, freeze a frozen, and help blood circulation, of course, depends on the individual's physical, not the opposite. Not thin not thick dress, neither hot nor cold just right, gradient stripes create the perfect visual impression, it's more like watching a long sweater from the style, fabric drape and soft autumn worn alone is suitable, if temperature drop too no floor, so as bottoming skirt, coupled with a coat on it.


  The concept of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of health is very broad, for life exquisite attention to MM, the dress is also a good health, is the best means to maintain the beauty and health, in fact, eighty percent of colds and other minor illnesses are do not pay attention to dress caused. Although the cool autumn, a little jacket enough to cope, it can be used with the above dress, also can be used with shorts, of course, it was equipped with a doubles underwear, sweet and street style mix.


    For men and women regardless of health are essential, without a healthy body, then the United States is also pretty short-lived. Want to have both health and beauty, tips are kept in motion! After the cool autumn weather, unlike larger amount of exercise, like all summer was not hot, it is the best time to fitness. The sport package put on the body, sporty, usually wearing very fit, shaping the vitality of a young and beautiful image. Autumn sweater is not too thick, too thick sweater will bring unnecessary calories, and the body's resistance to a further weakening of the cold, so winter wearing only unlimited bloated, very uncomfortable, and the impact of action. Natural style to fashion some can only be worn alone bottoming high collar layered with warm spell color design clever fake two rendering effects, rich visual anomalies. Due to the close to the skin, cotton fabrics can give soft and comfortable wearing experience, not a little discomfort. Thin layers of clothes to wear, but more warmth than a single layer thick, and more portable. You need a shirt, a thin coat, then there is one Leggings. Compared with other pants, leggings know better your legs, it tightly fit the legs, Slim design and very thin, to show the most natural form of beauty. Not thin not thick, good ventilation, feel the cool autumn.


Autumn shirt and leggings, requiring no more thick, plus a thin little jacket, you can feel the "Autumn freeze" the. Autumn woman is relatively quiet, quiet time share intrinsic charm of the most fascinating, like through a non-permeable mesh fabric will share the feminine leak, slightly a little sexy, romantic cuff filled with flowers, a sight not the kind of charm do, said finish. Into the late autumn, sweaters may give you the impression that a little thin, but the experience of small series as mentioned above, plus pieces not thin not thick bottom shirt, thin layers of mix, not humble warm, it is "spring cover autumn cold "best practices. Sweater with simple and elegant style mainly, if too complex, with up will cause cumbersome visual. Solid color, bright, bright, full of sunshine image.

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