[Abstract] weekend is Halloween, we summed up an outfit article for Halloween in advance , hoping to give you a trace of inspiration of collocation of cloth.

Halloween is coming.A Halloween outfit article summarized for everyone , hoping to give you a trace of inspiration.Halloween is the moment “Neuropathy” collective action , so quickly prepare yourselves for it.

Tophat + wig + round sunglasses + punk dress
dress up 1

This body shape is a famous rock band Guns N ‘Roses former lead guitarist Slash founding members of the classic style, hence the name Slash Costume, many stars on Halloween this day have imitated oh, say every day, such as Kate Hudson …… of course, choose to do today, this key recommendation, because the shape is relatively simple to learn. Usually black Tee and black jacket we have, when you only need to buy Halloween wig and a tophat ok, what round sunglasses like ah, punk jewelry ah, also handy single product.

[With Tips]

Tips1: Cosplay Edition

If you do not know how to wear in Halloween ,just Cosplay. Enjoy this day those who like Cosplay, Halloween day.
Tips2: zombie version
In fact,if you want to play zombie version in Halloween , in terms of dressing are more casual, slightly shabby dull color clothes plus a few holes, cut into pieces tassels, plus some blood red ink or the tomato sauce class are completely enough.The most important is makeup, dark-smoke makeup and fly-leg eyelashes, facial wrinkle efficiency can also be used on.

Or like this, a little random,putting on the usually black and white dress is also good , but you should makeup into skull.
Tips3: Witch version

Dress like a witch version is more welcomed by the girls, because both does not look particularly weird, but in line with the theme of Halloween,The Halloween witch we usually see is under the graph type, wearing a top hat, wear a black gown,and a broom in his hand.
But there are so crape plus body version witch, with emphasis on lip color, must be black.


If you really do not want to buy a suit, then the usual clothes can be used, like the figure below, choose a black, or black and white dress, accompanied by a small black wide-brimmed hat, accessories Well, the more exotic the better.

Tips4: Princess Fairy Edition

Each girl has a princess dream, but most have had plenty of heart no princess life. So it is a good choice for you to play princess on Halloween day, that is a bit hypocritical, but more positive energy and positive dress.
If you want to dress up a fairy, you can also buy some inexpensive wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses to dress on.Also,if you have attended a wedding, the dressed bridesmaid dress can also be changed into a special dress.


light blue floor length formal dress

Tips5: Pussycat Edition

It is said that woman as a cat ,man like a dog, this is true, if you are a lovely type of woman, you can dress up cat girl,bunny, fox girl or something else on Halloween day,you definitely make the night become Party Queen.

To be cat girl, you mmust have these right elements: First, you need to have one pair of cat ears, cat tail, secondly, a black leather pants tight leather is needed.Catlike ah, goggles,cat whiskers, are optional.

This classic style is domineering and charming.

The following is a single product version,you can wear like this:


Tips6: domineering leakage Union Version

What kind of Halloween shapes is most imposing, It must belong to Union Version.The cartoon image of a group of people out also quite imposing.

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