1,black and white red elegant atmosphere wedding

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Boston


the bride's white elegant wedding dress



Couples choose black, white and red tricolor to decorate the wedding: the bride's white wedding dress is very elegant, wedding tablecloths and plates, also chose white; bridesmaids dressed in a black dress, holding a red calla holding flowers, black and red color theme is reflected in the bridesmaid who is very formal and beautiful. Key positions invitations, flowers, wedding cake wedding with red stressed, played a finishing touch. Wedding adopted a long table with a round-table combination, red with gold, the atmosphere and gorgeous.



2, creative theme wedding: wedding aircraft fly

Location: United States Florida a private residence


This is a red and black with the texture of the wedding, black glamorous style encounter a warm red, with a rich colorful atmosphere. Black tablecloths table flowers as a good foil, some black props such as lamps, vases, and other echoes black tablecloths mouth cloth, and laid the whole background color for the wedding, and the items are all unified, rich red roses will bloom sweet love the wedding was thoroughly romantic and festive show.


different length of black bridesmaid dresses with fishtail bridal wear



The wedding is to fly themed creative wedding, the groom is a plane fan, this creative theme wedding was set for "aircraft" theme, a dream aircraft circle the groom. The wedding was inspired by the impression of the officers' club, while the groom's favorite red WACO aircraft has become another focus of the wedding the bride away.



3, wedding location: Dallas, United States


Red black and white tricolor to create a formal and elegant indoor wedding



the top photo with A-line red bridesmaid wears and white white chiffon bridal gowns is generous


Not only by the Chinese red wedding couple's love, the wedding will often encounter overseas. This overseas wedding arrangement using red, black and white as the main color of the wedding, and with rose as the main items, hot hot roses represent love, so this overseas wedding is full of love, warmth. When planning a wedding, the couple wanted to create a formal, elegant impression. After long consideration, the bride chose the red, black and white classic match, while the application of a number of warm rose, so that all guests have felt the wedding of enthusiasm.

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