Now,It is very popular for us to have three to six bridesmaids.You can the bride dress color aaas the main color .Then tie a different bridesmaid waist ribbons of different colors in the bridesmaid dresses .Grey Bridesmaids

 light color : grey bohemian bridesmaid dresses of different styles

As a good bridesmaid , you should help the bride to solve problems  at the wedding.It is necessary to accompany the bride change clothes, make-up. Also you should have necessary emergency measures, which is a good basic qualities necessary for bridesmaid.

Wedding day the bride is the protagonist, so the bridesmaids must not grab the bride's thunder. So the bridesmaids makeup and dress to grasp the degree.

There are a lot of things for  bridesmaids to note. Bridesmaids that is, to fashion, dignified, neat, not seize the bride dress style, on this point is not easy to achieve. So we choose the white lines, such as: ivory, pink, beige safer.No one will selecte the white cloth at the second set of clothes . If the groom is a white dress, you can consider the light brown line, the color will be very elegant.

brown bridesmaid dresses

light brown bridesmaid dresses 

If your skin is a little yellowish color,  it is best for you to put on gray color, brown lines and white clothes. Outside wearing a thin texture and elegant design with a jacket, pants must be equipped with a skirt, that the name of a large pleated skirt of the same color with elegant feel.

white bridesmaid dresses with the colorful belt

white bridesmaid dresses with the colorful belt

Now along with the personalized wedding, wedding themes emerge, gray, purple, pale pinkish purple color and other fashionable colors are popular amoung more women of all ages.

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