Sexy short styles

Think of the wedding dress, the first impression is that a lot of people dressed in long skirt mopping the floor. In fact, now long version mopping wedding is no longer dominate the world, Short wedding dresses sre more ppular amoung people because of practical and simple design. Whether it is knee length or short length,all can expose the bride's slender legs, highlighting the bride's tall. With shorter wedding, wedding shoes, also can be more lively style with bolder. Petite, lively personality of the bride is appropriate with short wedding gowns, if with the flowers and layered skirt tower design, it will be better.

sex short wedding dress

sex short wedding dresses of light blue suit for smart girl

Short wedding is very popular in Europe and America, Beatle Cartney's wife at the wedding dress is in a short section of the bridal gowns. After the wedding, the wedding dress can also wear as a short paragraph, but not really only "wear once", which will be able to relieve a lot of regret of the bride when she buying it.

simple wedding dresses

Complex and heavy wedding always gives a feeling of pressure, in fact, simple is also the most beautiful, simple and elegant wedding can revel in the elegant bride.

Minimalist wedding only make the bride look more fresh and natural, calling its own body curve bride love, but also with the beach wedding, garden weddings, outdoor wedding and ready, so the bride can move freely, stretch the body.

simple bridal wear
simple bridal gowns of satin 



tulle wedding dresse

With lawn wedding, beach wedding and family wedding popular, luxurious, thick satin gradually being replaced by light Manwu of Uganda yarn, georgette and openwork lace. Now, starting in place of reflective satin tulle skirt and popular.
For the use of tulle, designer use the fabric itself characteristics showing the outline of natural of the wedding dress, ifferrent with the heavy and thick satin material of a long section of mopping the floor, the bride is quite easy to wear.

tulle wedding dress

tulle wedding dresses with embroidery

Lace elements

Lace is one of the most popular elements in recent years, the fashion element, lace wedding dress is timeless trend. It symbolizes the romantic, let the bride is more elegant lady. Even if the wedding is not such a solemn occasion, European and American actress on various occasions they are also popular in the lace of infinite charm.

wedding_dresses with lace

In the wedding design, romantic lace wedding dress always finishing touch, whether it is the design of the collar, or bursting in the skirt, and the hand or in between, can make the bride elegance. But to wear a lace wedding dress elegant lady effect, but also give more consideration to the models and fabrics with a design, if the gemstone, satin and lace design using thick materials together, elegant lady's image will become totally days.

Mermaid wedding gowns

Fishtail wedding gowns are still highly favored by designers this year, it is no wonder, a good figure bride wearing it, always showed off a perfect curve, split the lower the fishtail skirt the more charming and graceful. When paired with chiffon fabric would be more sexy and feminine, in contrast, tulle fabric material, reveals a slight sheen, let the bride looks like just the middle reaches of the sea to the mermaid princess charming.


tulle mermaid wdding gowns from Dresforau

Fishtail skirt design is very noble, but also a test of the body, the bride needs a certain degree of height and thin, if not high enough you do not see the fishtail effect, if it is difficult to wear thin enough to go, so the bride who in the selection of the body should be selected to match with their wedding design.

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