Usually the bride will choose at least two sets of dress for the wedding ceremony. Bridesmaids usually require only a dress on it, style to be generous, not cumbersome. Bridesmaid dresses should not choose the color of red and black, but should choose soft colors, such as: pink, orange, champagne, pearl, white and so on. Bridesmaid dress should avoid to be too fancy to grab the bride's thunder. Always remember, the day the real protagonist is the bride, bridesmaid's work is service the bride . In addition, the bridesmaids' work is very hard,because you have to accompany the bride toast, walk around. Therefore, to choose a suitable shoes who is comfortable decent enough.



blue bridesmiad dresses


Today,the popular length of bridesmaid dresses is still the knee length with satin and soft gauze with a form, simple style and bright dress. This dress is generally in Bra and harness style, decorated with a small amount of beads or tassels, focusing on light color, pastel colors,such as champagne and light purple ,and brush pink.

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The most popular choice of bridesmaid dress is a solid color  of mid length , relatively slim style, but not too sexy. Bridesmaid dresses should be simple;fabrics of bridesmaid and mother dresses is suitable for chiffon, thick satin, taffeta and other like fabrics. Remember, bridesmaid dress should not be too exaggerated, just to bring out the bridal dress.


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