Many girls may feel bra formal dress is too sexy.And it is difficult to control.So,here we recommend you the one shoulder formal dress, it also can not achieve a sexy effect without reveal much parts of the body. Especially ,the slim style formal dresses would give us the significant fashion sence.


Formal dress decorated with black and white, its decorative element is stripe pattern, kept casual fashion charm. But because it is a simple product of self-cultivation, so if it culd combined with some light color element to highlight it, s the overall style is more to release the deep feminine.


This black one shoulder formal dress uses with backless style  not only enrich the level of a single product, but also to enhance the wearer's waist, and make your leg more longer.

yellow formal dresses of one shoulder

This one shoulder formal dress of yellow exudes a touch of vintage flavor.Besides,the clothes are extremely slim version so that the wearer's body curves are enabled so charming and sexy.

This is a fashion formal dress with delicate design of shoulder.And the design make the dresses more Layering.At the dame time highlights its own difference. The collocation of nude color and black color highlighting the waistline successfully, and make the wearer's body proportions become even better.


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