Several days ago, Hollywood's golden couple - Angelina Jolie and her fiance Brad Pitt finally get married.The wedding dresses  Julie  wearing was designed by Luigi Massi the designer of Versace .
custome wedding dress
Customized satin wedding dresses 
For most details of the wedding attract curious from outside.It is poorly know about it. A few days later, the media exposure of the castle where the couple's holding their wedding in France. Thus they do security work is so place!
Julie's wedding dresses by the designer Luigi Massi of Versace. Julie also said: "For me, Luigi like family, I really can not imagine that someone could design a bridal dress like this"
Wedding manuscript
Unlike various gorgeous guess from outside of Julie's wedding dress. Julie dressed in a traditional white wedding dress of simple design appearance elegantly.The back of the dress and veil are  full of their child's graffiti.The warmth of personality make everyone thumbs up. The children's colorful graffiti is full of love,draw a satisfactory conclusion to the two people's 10 years  courtship .
Let their children holding a brush draw on this unique wedding dresses randomly was so elegant and interesting.Only Pete and Julie dare to play   the unusual way !

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Formal dress of different color and stylels


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