Lace: light romantic

Lace or lace skirt in a wedding dress designs are common. This wedding material is transparent and delicate, many girls like to use it to express their romantic temperament.

In recent years, designers have whim, choose a large wedding lace material. Use in shoulder, waist and even the whole skirt of the outermost layer of skin and the inner peeped fabrics, swaying graceful. Lightweight materials and rugged feel is to enhance the noble sense and sense of taste wedding. Full lace wedding cost is relatively high, but well-embroidered work and compact design let this get a lot of brides wedding favor.

 floor length lace wedding dress  white lace wedding dress

floor length lace wedding dress with trail

Imitation silk: neat crisp

Imitation silk is called rayon, this dress material is very stiff fabrics. For simple wedding style, stiff fabrics plus a reasonable cut, you can achieve good effect modification stature. Slightly abundance bride can choose a simple design, especially the choice of fabrics after spinning waist and hip design avoids the tedious messy decoration.Simple and smooth can highlight the advantages of spinning. In addition, you need to consider is the permeability issue, at an affordable price is also suitable for more people to buy.

Sexy Long Tailing  Lace Up Imitation Silk Bridal wear

Sexy Long Tailing  Lace Up Imitation Silk Bridal wear

Chiffon: elegant sporty

The pursuit of a sense of elegant bride will invariably choose chiffon fabric as the dress material. Light chiffon fabrics, suitable for hot summer wedding, may reflect the romantic feeling of lightness. The creative use of light chiffon dress as wagging tail of Karl Lagerfeld in 2010 ,is not luxurious grace, but also do have some charm.



chiffon v-neck court train a line wedding-dress


All silk: elegant

Both elegant silk fabrics are sheer and lightweight. Most brides choose wedding silk material, it is the pursuit of their own kind and enjoy the texture of silk bonded skin slip, let the bride have a sense of nobility.

All silk wedding more "delicate" in the maintenance and pay great attention to the choice of the cleaning work.It required in the professional cleaning shop, or will affect the texture of silk.

vintage embroidery silk vintage bridal gown

 embroidery silk vintage bridal gown

Yang satin: gentle

Gloss of yang satin fabrics 's surface is strong, simple cut can reflect feminine. At the wedding with soft lighting, echoing complete makeup,can full of flavor of you. If you choose foreign satin texture wedding gown ,you can with a simple dish or the short clever veil, exposing the curve of the neck.So the shape of the tall slender bride is very suitable.

Yang satin fabric and other materials mixed wedding dresses is splicing applications widely.Such a rich mosaic making wedding texture, fine detail and more likely to reflect the intentions of the bride dress-up.

White by Vera Wang One shoulder Bridal Gown

White by Vera Wang One shoulder Bridal Gown

Organza: tough sunny

Organza also called organza,is hard,but with a sense of support. French designer often use this wedding dress materials.Ball gown wedding dresses widely loves by brides plus two to three layers of organza in stiff lining ,can let wedding stand and shoow a princess romantic atmosphere.

ball gown sweetheart court train organza ivory wedding dress

ball gown sweetheart court train organza ivory wedding dress




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